The Sole Hardener

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The Sole Hardener – for sensitive hoof soles

Our Sole Hardener Oil is the ideal treatment for horses with sensitive soles. It is also efficient to use with barefoot hoofs. It hardens and thickens the horn substance and prevents  inflammation of the sensitive laminae. It improves the elasticity of the hoof which is necessary for functional hoof activity as well as for smooth moves.

How to use: The Sole Hardener should be applied for 4 weeks on a daily basis directly onto the sole. If the bearing edge is very soft you can include it – but just as long until it hardens. If the bearing edge turns too hard it could, in the worst case, break off.

With laminitis hoofs you should use the Sole Hardener until an adequate sole has formed again.

Important: The Sole Hardener turns the sole harder, thicker and less sensitive. It only works if the sole is not worked during the treatment. If there is working pressure on the sole the treatment will not work out.

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